1.       Set Goals – Everyone has their unique career path, but knowing what goals you are willing to accomplish this year is essential.  If you are employed, make sure you ask your employer what goals they wish to see you accomplish in 2018.  Maybe those goals are already set, and you need to revisit them.  Make sure you set a personal goal that is career focused, or something that helps you obtain your goal at work.  Also, set a long-term goal, or if you have a long-term goal in place already, stop and evaluate how you are progressing.  There are apps to help you track your goals.  Check out this article for more news on goal setting apps!

2.       Look Back – Do you have any leftover goals from 2017 and prior? Now is a good time to determine if those goals need to be attached to a new goal, revised, or be left behind.  Ask yourself what worked in achieving goals in 2017 and what were barriers?  We all know what the definition of doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting the same result!

3.       Network – It is simple to say to someone just go network!  Networking can be broken down into to two simple categories of online and in-person.  In-person networking at work and outside of work is essential to success.  Start by networking at work to build relationships and improve communication in the workplace.  Outside of work, focus on industry-specific groups to expand your knowledge or check with local chamber groups to promote your existing business and learn about others.  Networking online can be very useful.  Ensure your existing professional profiles are updated and match what you portray in publicly facing resumes.  Further, are there tools in the social media or networking software that you aren’t using?

4.       Keep in Touch – Don’t forget about the relationships you made last year and prior.  LinkedIn has great reminders on their notifications to wish people happy birthday, and congratulate them on a new job or work anniversary.  These touches go a long way to letting people know you haven’t forgotten about them and follow up the message with a sincere and genuine inquiry on how they are doing to make the connection even more valuable.

5.       Clean House – Physically and digitally get rid of junk!  Examine your workspace and clear the clutter.  Pitch those old conference badges, shred old documents, organize or delete those files in that Miscellaneous folder, and securely delete or shred those old USB drives!   Your future self will thank you for taking the effort to clean up unnecessary clutter and digital files.

6.       Health – When was the last time you saw your doctor or went to the dentist?  Keeping up with your health in 2018 should be a priority.  If you aren’t healthy, you won’t be able to give 100% to achieving your goals.  Yes, it takes time to get a physical, talk to a counselor, or get your teeth cleaned.

That is our list for 2018!  We wish you all a wonderful year and don’t forget to take care of you in 2018.

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