Welcome back to our blog!  We know you are busy so we will get right to it.  According to the Project Management Institute’s 2018 job report, 22 million project management jobs will be created by 2027 throughout the globe.  The latest report can be found here.  If you do not have time to read the full report, below is a summary of the job prospects as it relates to the project management profession by industry.  All of the information below is from the PMI 2018 job report.

Telecom – Project management continues to boom in this industry.  Agile skills continue to be hot as telecoms lose revenue in SMS due to the giant demand for messaging apps.  Project managers who are skilled in change management are a plus for this industry.

Finance – Change is a common theme.  Project managers who can become experts in financial matters and those who understand Agile will be in high demand.  Nearly 30 percent of finance executives believe their industry will be very disruptive the next five years.

Construction – Talent shortfalls still exist as construction booms around the world.  Except for China, however, China still outpaces markets with a 6.2 percent increase in GDP.  Project management skills with experience in the field will be in high demand.

IT – With the rash of security breaches that occurred in 2017.  Organizations are doubling down on information security projects, and project managers with security experience will be in high demand.  Consider IT project management skills as a domain to pursue in addition to learning more about information security and collaboration to give yourself a leg up on the competition.

AeroSpace and Defense – Global disclosed deal values reached USD 44 billion in the first nine months of last year, the highest in two years.  Rising global tensions have led to increased demand for military products in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and the Korean peninsula, as well as adjacent large markets such as India, China, Japan and Saudi Arabia.  Projects managers should think beyond defense projects and commercial aircraft and focus on drone technology.  Goldman Sachs forecasts that by 2020, the drone market will hit USD $100 billion.

Energy – The oil and gas arena has been slogging through a downturn for more than three years.  25 percent of CEOs in the sector decreased headcount last year, according to PwC.  Job creation in renewable energy is outpacing jobs in fossil fuel extraction by a wide margin.  “The outlook in the sustainable energy field is generally positive, particularly in demand-side management and energy storage, “ says Ryan Ramos, principle, RS2 Energy, Oakland, California, USA.

The issue goes on to include The Top 10 countries with the highest median salaries for project management professional.  For more information on PMI and the certifications they offer visit their site

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