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Admovio created and now practices the RZUME method to develop outstanding resumes for our clients.  Our founder, Andrew Ysasi, MS, has touched thousands of resumes throughout his years as an executive and created the RZUME method to help people find meaningful work.  Why did Mr. Ysasi come up with his own method?  Because as careers, jobs, generations, and organizations change, so should the resume.  A traditional resume provides the basics of who, what, where, how, and why.  There are traditional layouts such as a chronological listing of employment, ability (functional), or a combination of the above.  The RZUME method incorporates both the chronological and functional elements of a career and guides the resume writer using the aspects of the RZUME method which are Reflective, Zoned, Unique, Meaningful, and Extraordinary.   Candidates who submit a resume created using the RZUME method should stand out from the crowd and their peers.

Reflective – Clear and honest representation of a career.  A summary, direction, roles, skills, experiences, and education are all important elements.  Awards, volunteering, boards served, and other activities may be considered based on industry.  The reader should be able to discern where a person wishes where their career is going, for example, in a career summary or objective.  The roles of what the person is looking for and what roles they have held previously should be mentioned in at the top of their resume, career, summary, or objective.  Last, their skills should be highlighted in a separate skills section and throughout career summary, objective, experience, and education sections of a resume.  Experience comes in many forms, mostly from employers and self-employment.  Stating who you worked for, who you reported to, the size of the organization, projects completed, and accomplishments using both quantifiable and qualitative examples.  Last, ensuring the relevant educational experience is displayed appropriately is important in the summary of the resume as well in a possible education or professional development section of a resume.

Zoned – Where you were and where one wants to go.   Zoning is clearly outlining what experience you had, have, and where you want to go.  Ensuring the job title or position that is relevant to the market is on your resume is part of zoning your resume.  Past, present, or future industries and business models should be displayed along with, years of experience, educational background, and other key elements of your background.   Having a zoned resume may mean the past experience is left out if it does not fall within the scope for a position of interest.  Last, it should be easy for a reviewer of your resume to contact you.

Unique – Having no equal.  Usually the simplest concept of the RZUME method.  Considering no human is alike, it is important to ensure a resume is unique to the person.  Having a resume done on traditional word processing software is the foundation of a great resume. However, a visually appealing and graphically designed resume can improve your chances of getting noticed by a person.  Candidates may or may not include their photo on their resume, even a relevant chart or graphic may apply.

Meaningful – Substantive and relevant.  Choosing the right candidate is important for an organization.  Algorithms of the 21st century will help managers, recruiters, and organizations find people with the right skills and experience for the job, but will they be a good fit?  Ensuring one’s skills align with common job descriptions for positions is a key consideration.  Also, removing outdated, non-impactful, and redundant information to a minimum is important to keep a reader’s attention.  Last, ensuring keywords to positions of interest are baked into the resume is crucial for the 21st-century resume.

Extraordinary – Visually appealing and attention grabbing.  The last element of the RZUME method is not just a traditional black and white or grayscale resume.  Color, a photo, clearly identified title(s), easy to read font, and a well-organized resume can be a work of art.  Web-friendly, mobile friendly, social links, recommendation, testimonial, and adding other modern elements with traditional concepts of error free spelling, grammar, and no broken links make for an exceptional resume.  A professional resume writer can help with the traditional method, and it may take a graphic designer to complete the final graphically appealing version of a resume.  Last, ensuring the most relevant content is “top of fold” is essential to ensuring a resume is extraordinary.

The RZUME method allows for an individual to capture traditional methods of resume writing along with modern elements.  It is Admovio’s hope that the RZUME method can help candidates find the right organization, project, or activity to apply their skills.  Further, it is our hope that the RZUME method can help organizations by improving the hiring process and improve the chances of hiring the right person.

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