Admovio created and now practices creating a RZUME®.  Because as careers, jobs, generations, and organizations change, so should the traditional resume.  A conventional resume provides the basics of who, what, where, how, and why of your career.  The RZUME® incorporates both the conventional elements of a resume, and adds reflective, zoned, unique, meaningful, and extraordinary characteristics.

Reflective – Honest representation of a career.  Stating whom you worked for, whom you reported to, the size of the organization, projects completed, and accomplishments using both quantifiable and qualitative examples. 

Zoned – Where you were and where you want to go.   Industries worked for, years of experience, relevant education, and other key elements of your background should align with the desired position(s).  

Unique – Having no equal.  With many candidates applying for a single position, it is important to ensure your unique background shines from each line.  

Meaningful – Substantive and relevant.  Ensuring keywords to positions of interest are included, and ensuring the most relevant content is “top of the fold”.

Extraordinary – Visually appealing and attention-grabbing.  A color scheme, a photo, QR-codes, testimonials, graphics, easy to read fonts, and is well-organized makes a RZUME® look good in print and via the web.

Send us a copy of your resume to coaching@admovio.com to learn more about our RZUME® makeovers.

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